Get Your License

Get A Free License!

I am giving away the first 125 licenses for Numpad Superpowers for free... forever! To get yours, follow these steps:

1) Download and install Numpad Superpowers.

2) When your free trial expires, it'll tell you to get a license and will give you an animal name for the license you need, e.g. "Monkey" or "Cheetah".

3) Email me at and say which animal name you have.

4) I will send you a nice email with a license which will unlock Numpad Superpowers forever.

5) Use superpowers to take over the wor... *ahem*... to unleash superhuman productivity.

Why Am I doing This?

I've spent thousands of hours developing the software for Numpad Superpowers, so why am I giving it away?

1) To test if it is a genuinely useful product - if I can't give it away, then I certainly won't be able to sell it!

2) To spread the word about Numpad Superpowers.