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Automating Microsoft Word

Sometimes it's hard to know where to get started so to help out, this post provides three real-world examples of useful automation in Microsoft Word.

This includes pasting special characters with a single button press and automatically formatting text... also with a single button press!

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Introducing the shortcut editor

The shortcut editor allows you to choose your own keyboard shortcuts to control numpad superpowers. This includes using your mouse to trigger superpowers too.

Even better, as many different macropads and shortcut keypads can trigger keyboard shortcuts, you can now use these macropads/keypads to control Numpad Superpowers.

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Introducing multiple menus

Multiple menus is a new feature which massively expands the capabilities of Numpad Superpowers.

It adds multiple layers of programmability to your numpad so you can easily group, edit and move between menus for different purposes.

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