Numpad Superpowers

Give your numpad computer-automating superpowers!

With the press of a numpad key, you can:

  • Paste repetitive text

  • Enter multiple keyboard shortcuts

  • Open files and folders

  • Move and click the mouse

  • Run programs

Designed to Save you Time and Effort

Super Features

Automation is created in seconds using a drag and drop editor.

  • Simply drag and drop commands in any combination you like
  • Easily change which automation corresponds to which numpad key
  • Helpful tips and instructions will guide you through the process

When you press a key on your numpad, the automation will be triggered. This could be just a single keyboard shortcut, or a longer combination of text typing, keyboard shortcuts, opening files and moving the mouse - it's entirely up to you.

It takes less than a minute to create most automation and you can change what the numpad keys do as often as you like.

How Does it Work?

A Blue Bump

Numpad Superpowers lives as a little blue bump at the side of your screen. It's almost transparent so it won't get in your way (and you can hide it if you like).

If you hover your mouse over the little blue bump, or press numpad key 0, it will pop out to show the sidebar you see in this picture.

This sidebar tells you what each of your numpad keys do. For example, pressing numpad key 1 will paste an email address, and pressing numpad key 2 will open the application Notepad.

The Editor

If you want to change what any of the numpad keys do, just open up the editor. The list on the left is all your current superpowers - you can move them, delete them or add new ones.

To create automation, you simply click the superpower you want to edit on the left and then drag and drop commands from the right hand side.

Once you're done, just close the editor and all your changes will be saved - your new automation will be ready to use instantly.

Quick Questions

Can I still type numbers with my numpad?

Yes! Numpad Superpowers only triggers automation when NUM LOCK is off. When you turn NUM LOCK on, your numpad will just type numbers as it normally does. Don't worry about remembering this - Numpad Superpowers will tell you when it is turned on/off.

Does it work on Mac/Linux?

No. Numpad Superpowers is only for Windows. Things get complicated when working with numpads so I have kept it to Windows for simplicity.

Can I bind other keyboard shortcuts to trigger automation?

You can indeed. Numpad Superpowers can be fully controlled by keyboard shortcuts and you can choose which keyboard shortcuts you want. Therefore, you don't actually need a numpad to use Numpad Superpowers 🙃. By default, the numpad keys 0 - 9 are triggered with ctrl + alt + (0-9) but you can change this to whatever you like. You can find how to do this here.

Can I use it with my existing macropad/shortcut keypad?

Almost definitely. As Numpad Superpowers can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts (see question above), you can just make your existing macropad/shortcut keypad send the keyboard shortcuts you've configured in Numpad Superpowers. This means that you only need to set up your existing macropad once, and from then on you can create, edit and trigger everything using Numpad Superpowers. It's like giving your macropad a new brain. You can find how to do this here.

But I don't want to do coding...

There is absolutely no coding involved in Numpad Superpowers, it's all drag and drop.

Do I have to install stuff?

The only thing you have to install is the Numpad Superpowers application itself. It comes in a simple installer which you double click and basically, that's it!

Do I have to pay?

When you download the free trial, you will have 14 days of access to every feature in Numpad Superpowers. After this, it will drop down to a limited version which will be free forever. If you just want to quickly automate the odd thing here and there, then the free version will probably do everything you want. If you want to use it a bit more, you can unlock all of the features of Numpad Superpowers forever for a one-time payment.

Will it work with a USB numpad?

Yes. Numpad Superpowers will work with either a separate USB numpad, or a numpad which is built into your main keyboard. If you don't have a numpad, you can get really cheap USB ones online.

Hi, Robin here...

Three years ago, I was studying engineering and finding it very annoying to constantly type the same commands into my drawing software. (AutoCAD, I'm looking at you...).

So, with only a basic understanding of programming and a downloaded 3D print design, I hacked together a simple keypad which would automatically type the drawing commands for me.

To my delight, I found it saved me both time and effort, and I started finding wider uses for it whilst writing reports and learning to code.

I decided to try and share what I had created to help other people, and at this point came the lightbulb moment - I didn't need to manufacture a separate keypad as everyone already has one! It's the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

This prompted me on a journey to create a piece of software which could turn your numpad into an easily customisable trigger for automation on your computer.

Three years and lots of programming later, I am very proud to offer you Numpad Superpowers. I hope it saves you time and effort like it has for me, and makes using your computer more productive and enjoyable.

You are always welcome to get in touch with questions, suggestions or opportunities - just drop me an email at: ... I look forward to hearing from you!

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